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#KJStyle by “Kooheji Jewellery”

I was delighted to be invited among Bahrain’s top bloggers to attend the #KJStyle by “Kooheji Jewellery” on their first bloggers event last September at their boutique in City Center.

Mr. Shadi Hammour, the Marketing Manager of “Kooheji Jewellery” gave us a brief about the their business, shops, collections & upcoming events

We were also delighted to have a chance to look, feel & try their new collections & all of their collections.

“Kooheji Jewellery” is located in Seef Mall, ground floor, gate 6. & in City Center Second floor, near gate 8

They also have branches in Saudi (Al Rashid Mall in Al Khobar, King Khalid Avenue in Dammam, Al Dahran Shopping City in Al Dahran, Panorama Mall in Riyadh)

You can also follow them on Twitter & Instagram on: @KoohejiJ





Tourist in Qatar

Couple of weeks ago, i have received an invitation from Qatar Tourism Authority to visit Qatar and take tours all around the country.

Ive reached Doha on the 15th of September 2014, welcomed by a friendly Moroccan guy who lived in Doha for 20 years (Jamal), Jamal was our tourist guide during the whole trip. since we have reached at night, we’ve only had dinner at the beautiful hotel which we were staying at (Sharq Village) highly recommended to stay in if you are visiting Doha, oh and it had Six scenes spa 😉

Doha Day 1:

We started our day by visiting Qatar’s most famous tourist spot “Souq Waqef”, even though it wasn’t my first time to visit it, Jamal showed us places i have never seen there before like (The Falcon Hospital) and the (Damah Club) Damah is a traditional board game

Our second stop was Katara, The Cultural Village, beautiful place with beautiful art galleries, workshops spaces and not to forget the Roman Theatre for a capacity of 5000 people (Majeda Al Roumi preformed back in 2013).. we’ve had lunch there too, in a very delicious mouth watering restaurant “Lwzaar” choose your seafood and have it cooked your way! what else could you ask for 🙂

Last stop of the day was for dinner at the Torch, a building of more than 40 floors, a hotel, restaurants and an outdoor swimming pool on the 19th floor! dinner was as 360 restaurant,  a rotating restaurant! yes it rotates while you are dining with a beautiful views and delicious verities of food

Doha Day 2:

Started the day by visiting Qatar Foundation, I’ve heard a lot about but NEVER thought its THIS HUGE… very interesting project that everyone from all around the world can benefit from it

Second stop was The Museum of Islamic Art, very interesting place to visit, and see very valuable unique items from more than 1400 years ago

The Pearl was our third place to visit, an AMAZING residential & commercial place with AMAZING views looking over the BEACH.. we had lunch and one of the best lebanese restaurants i have ever tried “Burj Al Hammam” loved loved LOVED the taste  of the food, the friendly staff, Fairouz’s songs, The amazing atmosphere that took me all the way to Lebanon

Last but not least… the final stop of the the trip was dinner at souq wagef, nice and lots of restaurants / cafes verities to eat with outdoor seatings

HUGE thanks to Qatar Tourism Authority for the this exceptional trip and warm hospitality

and now enjoy the pictures 🙂

“Pictures taken by GoPro & iPhone 5s”


Falcon Hospital


Damah Club


“Bismilla Hotel” first hotel in Qatar


The Gold Souq in Souq Waqif





The Torch


View from the torch


Outdoor swimming pool on the 19th floor


Qatar Foundation Model 

IMG_6260 IMG_6258

The Museum of Islamic Art

IMG_6269 DCIM101GOPRO IMG_6266

The Pearl


Doha Skyline


Six Scenes Spa at Sharq Village & Spa

Viva Jusoor “Iftaar Saem” Initiative – Ramadan 2014

Viva Bahrain distributed thousands of Iftaar meals in Ramadan in different locations in Bahrain, below some videos of some of the areas in Bahrain

“All videos & editing taken by me, using GoPro”

Art Exhibitions in Bahrain

I recently found out that there are some art exhibitions here and there in Bahrain during January, here’s a small brief, hope you find it useful



Fifty Years of Printing



Under the Patronage of H.E. Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa AlKhalifa 
Albareh proudly presents “Fifty Years of Printmaking”, an exhibition by the prominent Sudanese painter Mohammed Omar Khalil, showcasing for the first time, a retrospective of his print-making work in etching, between the mid 1960s and the late 2000s. 
The official opening will be on the 19th of January,2014 at 7p.m. The exhibition will run until the 15th of February,2013.
for more information:

The 40th Annual Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition


The Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition has become an important annual event. Organized by the Ministry of Culture, the exhibition is a celebration which reflects Bahrain’s rich cultural and civilizational heritage and development.

15 january – 14 Febuary 2014, 8:00am to 8:00pm 

Bahrain National Museum

For more information:,10699,en.html#.UtUOTvQW2Ck



Art Market 


Art comes alive at Bab Al Bahrain! The historic market will provide the perfect setting for Art Market, a kaleidoscope of color and endless activity.

Art Market, organized by the Ministry of Culture as part of its “Year of the Arts” initiative, will commence this month on the evening of Wednesday, January 15th, 2014, and continue to Saturday according to the following timings:

  • Wednesday, 15th June 2014, 5:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Thursday, 16th June 2014, 5:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Friday, 17th June 2014, 9:00am – 1:00pm
  • Satuday, 18th June 2014, 10:000am – 9:00pm

For more information:,10758,en.html#.UtUO-vQW2Ck




Al Aali Art Festival



Al Aali presents the artists of Bahrain the opportunity to feature their exhibits at the Complex. Established artists and upcoming artists from across the island are invited to showcase their talent as well as sell their work in various disciplines such as Painting, sculpting, fashion designing, music, photography, calligraphy, pottery etc.

 This 4 day Art extravaganza will be held from the 15th – 18th of January 2014 at Al Aali Shopping Complex.

For More information:



INSIDE INDIA – Photographic exhibition



The Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition by four Bahrain based photographers Haya AlKhalifa, Rasha Yousif, Saji Antony and Stephanie Ravel.

INSIDE INDIA – A photographic exhibition of dramatic imagery and intimate moments

will open on Tuesday, 21 January 2014, at 7pm and run until Thursday, 20 February 2014.
The exhibition will be held at the Bin Mattar House in Muharraq. Opening times are Saturday – Thursday 9am-1pm and 4-7pm.

YANNI – Nikki Nana Photo Shoot – Bahrain

I wont talk about all the negative things that happened when Yanni’s tickets were launched! will talk about what happened the day Yanni and his team came to Bahrain…

April 1, at around 9:00pm i received a phone call from Ministry of Culture, telling me Yanni’s team are looking for Bahraini’s to be on his new (Nikki Nana) video! i immediately agreed, always wanting to represent BAHRAIN in any good way….

April 2, 2013… 4:30pm at Bahrain National Theatre,, the same day for Yanni’s performance in Bahrain as part of Spring Of Culture, i arrived there and their were different ages, Kids, Youth, Boys, Girls and the traditional Bahrain Band (Qalali Band)

During the shooting, i got the chance to meet Yanni’s sweet daughter Crystal who was working with the team

Special thanks to Ministry of Culture who choose me to be one of the people to represent Bahrain 🙂

will update this post as soon as the video is out…

for more pictures, please check the links below:

قلعة الشيخ سلمان بن أحمد الفاتح (قلعة الرفاع) Shaikh Salman bin Ahmed Al fateh Fort (Riffa Fort)

On the 27th of January 2013, Ministry of Culture has inaugurated its first tourism project: RIFFA FORT…

“The Riffa fort will be hosting a permanent exhibition on the history and traditions of the Al Khalifa family.  The interactive exhibition designed by the French company La Meduse is installed in a pavilion designed by PAD architects. The Pavilion is a free standing structure built within a larger courtyard of the Riffa Fort and is designed to highlight the historical architectural features of the fort. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the fort will also host a cafe (Saffron / زعفران) with a terrace overlooking the Wadi of Al Hunaynyeh”

The pavilion

Inside the Pavilion, some of the rooms has a tablet that gives more details about the item

Dynamic Arabic poetry on the walls

Al Khalifa Digital Family Tree

The Terrace


The Terrace beautiful view

They are more & more beautiful things to see…

The fort’s opening timings are:

Weekdays: 9 am to 2 pm

Thursdays & Fridays: 9 am to 6 om

Fridays: 3 pm to 6 pm

Its a beautiful place to visit, i loved everything about it… A MUST VISIT… Ministry of culture is working really hard on improving the tourism sector in Bahrain, and we are seeing a fantastic results…

Thank You Shaikha Mai شكرا للشيخة مي

MyHope Campaign by Joumana Bou Eid حملة أملي للإعلامية جومانا بوعيد

On October 5,2012 one of biggest TV Hosts in the Arab world Joumana Bou Eid tweeted on her personal twitter account that she’s planning for a humanitarian activities… her moves started to support the breast cancer awareness… Joumana decided with the followers to pray twice a day at 9am/pm for the people with cancer….

after fews weeks of announcing, Joumana  asked the followers to choose a name for the campaign…. lots of options were given, until Joumana chose:

After few days, Joumana choose 5 active followers and went to visit CCCL and distributed gifts for the kids, Al Jadeed TV Channel covered the visit:

Al Jadeed Reportage Video:

MyHope campaign kept growing day by day, some celebrities shown their support like (Najwa Karam, Carole Samaha, Assi Al Helani…etc)

December 25 biggest day of MyHope… Joumana hosted a live special telethon to raise money for MyHope’s campaign, the episode started live 8:45 pm Beirut Timing, the episode had reportage & interviews with politicians, singers, athletes, public figures showing their support to the CCCL

People started calling and donating since the show started, i personally tried calling but unfortunately the line was busy the whole time!

MyHope telethon collected more than $150,000 in around two hours

Full Episode:

Joumana Bou Eid, went personally to CCCL on january 3 to give the donations

Today, MyHope continuos and accept donations from all over the world


Bank Audi: LB90005600032084846100200948 USD iban

Congratulations JOUMANA BOU EID on achieving (MyHope)s dream

Thank you Joumana Bou Eid (Goodwill Ambassador) for your kind care to the children, thank you gathering the people in a good cause in a world filled with politics issues these days

I am truly touched by your generosity, your spirit, and willingness to get out of your way to help.  I am indeed lucky to have a friend like you in my life. Thank you again for being so thoughtful

شكرا جومانا بوعيد لانسانيتك