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#FindSalt – Dubai

Here’s DUBAI’s latest burger joint “truck”… Located in Kite beach (Public beach) right before Burj Al Arab, it’s a food truck that sells 3 types of burgers only ( hook, cheese & Cheetos), they are not mini burgers but they are small! Each order has 2 burgers, yes so u can’t have one only! We have tried the hook & chicken Cheetos, and they are SOOOOO GOOOOOD so juicy & mouthwatering! Yes, by saying Cheetos I mean the Cheetos we but from the cold stores… It gave the burger a unique flavor, LOVED IT. They have a nice seating area, unfortunately we went at night so it’s too dark for pictures. So yeah, next time you r in Dubai make sure u visit it, but bare in mind there are no taxi there (at night I’m not sure about day time)…

Any questions ?? 😁😁😁








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