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Fan of Scrabble ???

couple of weeks ago while i was walking in Bab Market in Bab Al Bahrain, i noticed a huge scrabble table, which made wonder why and what is it?!

Typoscrabo, the handmade typographic word game coffee table! 
Locally designed and crafted in Bahrain


2 in 1 coffee  table and scrabble… Typoscrabo comes in 3 designs:

Table with glass top

Table with wooden top

Board alone

Table Size: 1.15 x 1.15 x 0.45 metres


Custom made to order and up to 10 days delivery!
To place an order please email:

Facebook page:

Instagram: Typoscrabo


My View: FUN, FUN, FUN… funky,  loved the new concept, very creative add to all of this and for me is the most important, the owners of the project are SO NICE AND FRIENDLY… wishing them all the best of luck =)

Pictures courtesy of Typoscrabo 


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